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  • cramnhoj wrote:
    larome05 wrote:
    Share ko lang mga paps...
    Kakaubos ko lang ng CellTech by Muscletech which is creatine sup.
    Ok nman sa recovery, pero sa gains wala nman masyado... (as the reviews said... kanya kanyang hiyang lang pag dating sa supplements)
    Flavor... Grapes... ayos ang lasa...
    Maybe subukan ko na lang sa susunod yung mas murang creatine brand...
    Any suggestion mga paps?

    For creatine to work you have to do the loading phase first or it takes a month to saturate your muscles if you just take maintenance.  You also need to drink more water as the creatine absorbs the water.  Like mentioned, the fancier brands simply try to make theirs different (so they can charge more), but it's really just creatine monohydrate that's needed.  So if you buy those fancy brands, you are buying overpriced grape juice powder as well.  

    Creatine's only real effect is to improve your recovery, but because of this people are simply able to lift more.  Now if your diet and rest is correct this allows you to build more muscle than without creatine.  And that's where the strength gains come from, so don't expect to get strength gains just because you've finished loading phase of the creatine.

    Another thing is that meat naturally contains creatine as well. So if your diet consists of a lot of meat to the point that your body is already saturated in creatine, taking creatine supplement won't do much.  It's vegetarians that gain most from taking creatine.

    when is the best time to take crea? pre or post workout? i'm taking it as directed by the label. any tip? thanks!
  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308

    You only need 5g period, no loading phase nessesary, and you need to eat a kilo of meat for your body to manufacture 1g of creatine.

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    Greetings everyone! would like ask what is the best yet cost effective Creatine supplement out there in the market, this will be my first time to use creatine as part of my daily supplement...also, any feedback about Weiders Creatine 150 capsules? i heard that you must take 7tablets of this to get you 5g of Creatine? hoping to hear from you guys, thanks and godbless!

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    Mga sir saan po ba pwede ihalo yung creatine powder?
  • @olracs said:
    Mga sir saan po ba pwede ihalo yung creatine powder?

    isabay mo sa pre-workout mo or sa whey protein shake mo ako kasi tinetake ko capsules water lang pero nag tetake kasi ako after workout.... so sa whey or still water pa din

  • olracsolracs Posts: 2
    Pwede po ba ihalo sa kopiko black yung powder?
  • @olracs said:
    Pwede po ba ihalo sa kopiko black yung powder?

    Ikaw na bahala brader di naman kikibo yan kung gagawin mo

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    I personally have used creatine in the past. For me it doesn't help at all. In fact after I left using creatine, I used to felt dizzy for 3 months.
    Right now I am only on whey and still don't feel the need of creatine.
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