Help i cant hit my protein goals

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Hello po..i have been lifting for almost a year and lumaki katawan ko pero i still had my belly fat and i had little muscle definition. Di ko pa alam nun ang cutting and bulking..ngayon nagbasa po ako na kailangan ko mag i decided to cut my calories to 1585 kcal/day..problem ko po is i cant hit my protein req per day..
I use MyFitnessPal para mamonitor diet ko
Ito po macros ko
Protein 139g
Carbs 178g
Fats 35g

Kinakain ko po for protein ay chicken breast, canned tuna, eggs, beans at kung anu pa nasa ref namin..
Nahihit ko lagi yung fats ko minsan sobra pa but i lag on protein..
Any tips po? Wala kasi akong budget for supplements

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  • Ilan weight mo sir and ano height mo?

    Tips lang para mahit mo ang protein mo is to eat more or if not buy food supplement or meal replacement like whey. marami namang budget whey.

    tingin ko naman if you the food you mentioned around 20 to 30g lang na protein kulang mo so additional 1 scoop will be fine.

    sulit na un kung bibili ka ng whey ang 1 scoop ng whey around 40 to 50 pesos it depends sa brand.

    Start with per scoop may nabibili namang ganon if kulang ka talaga sa budget

  • Lower mo ung carbs para may space ka sa additional protein macros
    At gaya nung sabi ni ipsantiago, add ka ng supplements kung kinakapos ka
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