starting to drink PM7

1 scoop before workout and after workout.1 scoop before going to sleep
chest dumbell/ super set of wide grip pull down
1 set of light dumbell/ same with wide grip pull down
2nd set medium weight dumbell
3rd to 4th set for heavy dumbell (bawasan ang timbang hanggang mangalay)
*same with wide grip pull down
dumbell fly

cable cross machine for 3 sets
deadlift 3 sets
dips for chest 3 sets
peck deck machine 3 sets
single arm dumbell row 3 set (low medium and high)

  • my rest time here is 15 to 30 seconds


  • Tomorrow I will go with legs with a mix of back workout..nabitin ako kanina

  • I also take creatine para medyo malakas ang buhat pero di ko rin nafeel ang effect ng creatine..placebo effect lang ata ang creatine

  • chin up for 3 sets
    dead lift for 3 sets
    bent over dead lift for 3 sets

    • all are medium to heavy weights

    side lateral
    front lateral
    dumbell fly
    cable fly

    • low weights

    4 eggs with potato with cheese slice for my food and a half rice

  • what is your goal???

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